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I suspect I’m not alone in having been through break-ups that took place entirely on Facebook. It’s probably only a matter of time till I’m dumped via Twitter (“@tommeltzer It’s over #itsnotyouitsme #itisyoureally”).

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  • On August 1, almost the entire Earth-facing side of the sun erupted in a tumult of activity. There was a C3-class solar flare, a solar tsunami, multiple filaments of magnetism lifting off the stellar surface, large-scale shaking of the solar corona, radio bursts, a coronal mass ejection and more. This extreme ultraviolet snapshot from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) shows the sun's northern hemisphere in mid-eruption. Different colors in the image represent different gas temperatures.
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  • Endgame in Afghanistan: 'It's taken a year to move 20km'
    As the war in Afghanistan enters its final chapter, Sean Smith's brutal, uncompromising film from the Helmand frontline shows the horrific chaos of a stalemate that is taking its toll in blood.
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“Tree” by Jane Hirshfield

It is foolish
to let a young redwood
grow next to a house.
Even in this
one lifetime
you will have to choose.
That great calm being,
this clutter of soup pots and books-
Already the branch-tips brush at the window.
Softly, calmly, immensity taps at your life.

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