Posted by: amygdala | May 30, 2009


However, there’s one that supporters must stop using right now if they wish not to play into the hands of their opponents. They must stop defending homosexuality per se, and especially they must stop saying versions of “it’s natural”, “I was born this way”, and “homosexuality is not a choice”.

This is not because these things are not true. Frankly, I’m ambivalent about whether they are true or not. I don’t care that you’re gay, and I care less why you’re gay. It’s not germane to the discussion of rights, and it is frankly damaging.

Because when you employ this line of thinking, it invites comparison with other human behaviours that people are arguably born into, but that society has no compunction in regulating and banning. To put this in your opponents hands is to pitch them a wonderful slowball that they will smack out of the park by saying “nobody chooses to be a pedophile either.”

The argument in favour of gay marriage argument is a simple one. In society, we no longer grant gender-specific rights. Marriage as it currently stands privileges one class (opposite-sex couples) against another (same-sex). There is no moral or defensible philosophical basis for this.

If society is to offer certain right to couples over those held by individuals (a proposition so appalling that it should offend you much more than that gays cannot get married) then it should not offer them on the basis of gender.

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