Posted by: amygdala | February 5, 2009


“Every time someone down the line is irreverent about authority,
I’ll have my monument. Every time some kid who was born a
nigger, a kike, a wop, a Polack, a gook, a gimp, a fag, or just a
plain maverick lifts up her head and dares anyone to stop her,
I’ll have my monument. Every time they peaceably assemble to
petition their government for redress of a grievance, I’ll be
there. Whenever they worship as they please (or not at all),
I’ll be there. Whenever they speak up and speak out and raise
hell, I’ll be there. And every time some blue-bellied,
full-blooded nincompoop who holds elected office is called to the
floor for deciding to keep us safe by rewriting the Constitution,
or by suspending due process and holding a citizen indefinitely
without legal representation, I’ll be there. Now that is
immortality. I don’t have any children, so I’ve decided to claim
all the future freedom-fighters and hell-raisers as my kin. I
figure freedom and justice beat having my name in marble any day.
Besides, if there is another life after this one, think how much
we’ll get to laugh watching it all.”
– Molly Ivins

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