Posted by: amygdala | July 12, 2007

on evolution

“Whoever can scare people enough (produce bio-survival anxiety)
can sell them quickly on any verbal map that seems to give them
relief, i.e. cure the anxiety. By frightening people with Hell
and then offering them Salvation, the most ignorant or crooked
individuals can “sell” a whole system of thought that cannot bear
two minutes of rational analysis. And any domesticated primate
alpha male, however cruel or crooked, can rally the primate tribe
behind him by howling that a rival alpha male is about to lead
his gang in an attack on this habitat. These two mammalian
reflexes are known, respectively, as Religion and Patriotism.
They work for domesticated primates, as for the wild primates,
because they are Evolutionary Relative Successes. (So far.)”

– Robert Anton Wilson, in ‘Prometheus Rising’, 1983.

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